Critical Care Course

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We provide training to Police, EMS, and Fire Departments to allow them to provide Pre-Veterinary care to cats and dogs as it pertains to Colorado State Bill 14-039.

14-039 Allows EMS providers to provide care to cats and dogs. There are four critical components that must be in place:

1. Can not provide care to cats and dogs prior to taking care of humans.

2. Service has to be provided at no charge.

3. EMS providers must have protocols in place.

4. Training has to be provided priorate any care.

Why choose us? We have been providing K9 First-aid training since 2009 and have a full supplement of Manikins, We will provide protocols; Choose from the Basic Package( Safety, Splinting and bandaging) or Advanced Critical Care (Safety, Splinting and bandaging, IV, Intubation, and Medication therapy).

We are very flexible and are able to instruct the class at your location.

Please call 303-916-9190 for more information