This 1 hour course will cover everything you need to know about fire extinguishers in a typical commercial or home setting. This class is ideal for any business that wants to improve employee awareness and safety.
• How fire starts and spreads
• Types of extinguishing materials
• Identifying flammable substances
• Proper methods to extinguish the fire
• Basic maintenance
This class can be offered as a classroom-only version, or classroom-plus-live-fire instruction.
All classes are taught at your location, and we are very flexible on both class dates and times. Our fire extinguisher instructors have over 35+ years of firefighting experience. We also provide the extinguishers and student packets.
Class price for up to 10 people is $100 for the class, or $200 for both classroom and LIVE fire training.
Call for special pricing for any class size more than 10 people.
Fill out our Contact Form and we will contact you to provide a firm price quote or to schedule a training. You can also contact us by calling 303-916-9190

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