Provider courses are specific to Colorado State Bill 14-139 allowing EMS providers to provide emergency medical care to cats and dogs. The law specifies there are 4 key components in order for your staff to be able to treat animals without violating the “Colorado Veterinary Practice Act”, article 64 of title 12, Colorado Revised Statutes.


EMS must to treat humans first

 Have to offer the service for free

Have to have protocols in place

Any person providing care has to have documented training.


Class held on site at your location and we are flexible with training times and dates. Class would be limited to no more than 30 students per class.

Cost for the Basic class would be $60 per student.

Cost for the Advanced class would be $85 per student.

COurse COntent

Courses Available

BASIC COURSE… includes Protocol review, K9/Feline aggressive behavior identification, splinting/bandaging and IV techniques. The Basic model we would recommend to the First Responder and EMT-Basic Levels. This course provides three hours of class time.

ADVANCED COURSE… includes the above with the addition to core drugs, and Intubation skills. An additional one hour would be required. It is recommended this be a Paramedic skill set. All skills would be protocol dependent based on your agency and your partnership with your medical director.

Certifications have a three year expiration.

In addition to the medical equipment and supplies that are currently carried on medic units. There are additional items that are specific to provide care to K9/ Feline care. Cost estimate is between $225-$400 per kit depending on items selected.


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